The Best Backpacks and Bags Under 100

By Kaukko,  Laptop Bag, Outdoor Backpack, Travel Hiking & Camping, Casual Large, School, Shoulder Book Bag, Fits 15" Laptop & Tablets 

Full set up with this backpack.  Pockets, snaps, hooks, straps, and throw in an extra pull out mini-bag to boot.  I would normally say the description above describing its variable uses is marketing spiel, but this backpack really does hit every occasion listed very well and then some.  More pockets than a pool table, comfortable, fresh and clean, colors galore to chose from, and stylish, -price is so nice you can buy two and still keep it under 100; a full go!  

≈ 40

By Ibagbar, Classic Backpack Laptop Backpack Computer Backpack Casual Daypack Black 

Rough and Rugged with a sleek feel is a tough task to achieve; however, this backpack proves to expertly do just that.  Undeniably clean in styling and shape.  Full of pockets, and the steel blue interior makes it easy to find any item in the over 10 pockets and off sets the all black exterior perfectly.  Little known feature: the backpack has a smooth pocket in the lower part of the exterior back part of the bag.  A great secure place.  007 slick and undeniably clean.

≈ 29

Handmade Leather Crossbody satchel shoulder Messenger briefcase bag 15 inch

The bag and backpack category is extremely competitive, and the leather bag and backpack category even more so.  This messenger bag is our pick in the competitive field.  Eye-drool inducing leather.  Full complements wherever it goes, slight contemporary zipper pocket on back for modern convenience, but the look of distressed and consistently aging and maturing leather continues even after purchase. If leather had a pixel count, this bag would have the top number of pixels, and the count only gets better in time.  

≈ 69

North Face Recon Backpack

If you are the outdoors type, hiking, biking, exploring, etc., or want that look,  NorthFace and Timbuk2 are places where the logo does ensure a few points as their items rarely disappoint. This one is reliable North Face, but reliability alone does not get you listed here.  It rates here because of the choices in colors and styles, plus its proven usability.  Little known feature, front stretch pocket perfectly designed for bicycle style helmet.  One takeaway- at the top of our keep it under 100 namesake.

≈ 99