FAQ Keep It Under 100

Do you only post items that are under 100 dollars?

Yes, we really do keep it under 100 for every item posted on our site.  Taxes and shipping rates do vary from state to state and country to country, but when possible we take shipping costs in to account as well. Our close knit team continually researches retailers.  Price stability and a narrow price range are both considered for all items we list on Keep It Under 100.

I have a great item from my Kickstarter campaign that is under 100 dollars, can you feature our item on your site?

We do not have a "specially featured" section on our site.  We have no advertising or product deals with any companies. Any item that makes it on site is "the best" in the under 100 dollar range.  At this time we are not considering Kickstarter  campaign products, but we thank you for your interests, and look forward to Kickstarter items making it to full market where we can consider them on their merits.