The Best Televisions Under 100

LG - 24" Class (23.6" Diag.) - LED - 720p - HDTV - Black

What can we say, the post that started it all. Checks all the boxes very strongly with just one takeaway, --powerful sound is not included and a soundbar is not easily configurable.  Otherwise this is a top set to get and hold on to for multiple purposes.   

≈ 79

Sceptre 19" Class - HD, LED TV - 720p, 60Hz  

Set has a "steady as she goes" feel.  Solid construction, delivers "very good" ratings across all parameters in this range.  Takeaway is the 19" screen size, it wasn't too long ago that a 20"-21" screen was fairly standard for many living rooms, now most desktops are 15"-17" and laptops 13"-15", which can make this set feel a bit small out of the box.  If you know it is the form factor you want or need, this is one to go for. 

Under 100 2
≈ 69