The Best Cell Phones Under 100

Moto G4 Play Smartphone

Almost all smartphones that keep it under 100 seem to come with some attached concessions.  Across the board the Moto G4 concedes next to nothing for what it does. Strong in the battery life area, and in the game in other areas including, Android operating system, micro sd card slot, 5 inch screen- optimal size for great screen coverage, but still workable for "one-hand" usage. One takeaway, this phone is sold in multiple versions depending on where purchased, some come with lock screen ads (yuck), and others are tied to one carrier only. The link here states this retailer provides the Moto G4 fully unlocked (which makes it available for most carriers and most minute plans).  The fully unlocked version is the best way to keep it under 100 in this category and have a complete smartphone in your hand.

≈ 99