The Best Purses and Handbags Under 100

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Tote bag city is a vast and wondrous place, but be careful you can become lost in the wilderness.  The many styles, sizes, and types of totes can easily have you with one that is too big, or too small.  Well, one size doesn't necessarily fit all, but for most we have the Goldylocks of tote... just right.  Combination of ultra clean look, durable construction, sophisticated colors that pop, wide base on the bottom so it sits stable and doesn't tip, even when loaded, real leather, and nice clasp and buckle appointments to give it a bit of flare.  All of this is before you even get to the vast interior space, well designed, with a proper layout. A top of the line tote!   

                              ≈ 67

Vbiger Handbags For Women PU Leather Shoulder Bag Tote  

The tote collection continues.  There is vast competition here, but the connector cool  chain links from bag to upper handle sets the bag apart, but you can't be the best of under 100 on a design cue alone. Superior comfort, room and interior layout makes this one come off as a bit sophisticated, but also the design leads to a bit of extra fun with this one.  The interior alone is a standout feature to be explored; the exterior has elegant stitching and clean chain links that only enhance the deep tones and colors of the bag.



≈ 26

S-ZONE Women Vintage Cow Leather Single Shoulder Top-handle Handbag Ladies Purses

There are ways to manevur around this world without the capacity of a tote.  This nice medium tubular is the exact combination of style, size, and easbility- with a shoulder capable strap, but also a nice arm dangling purse.  Size is far beyond its look and it is compartment rich as well.  The leather and construction is top flight, with the strap looking to be extra durable and multi-way size adjustable- an amazingly nice touch.  Two beautiful colors available.  A striking tan with a wonderful shine, and a sophisticated rich black.  Although this was our clear choice, there are a number (tote option) of SZone bags, and we found nearly all of them to be at the quality and style of our keep it under 100 mantra. 

                              ≈ 57