The Best Tablets Under 100

NeuTab   10.1 inch 64-bit Quad Core Android 5.1 Lollipop OS Tablet PC 16GB Nand Flash 1280x800 IPS Display Bluetooth Mini HDMI GPS Supported, 1 Year US Warranty.

True WIDE-angle viewing display (it actually takes some adjusting to get used to and optimize), coupled with a  10.1 inch screen with very good resolution as well.  All (barely) under our "keep it under 100" moniker.  It meets and excels the needs of most tablet users.  Solid construction, great speed for smooth gaming and multimedia consumption, front and rear camera, mini HDMI for quick T.V. hook up. Power saving design that can get you up to 8 hours of use even with the strong resolution 10.1 inch screen.  A very nice go!

≈ 99

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8" HD Display, 16 GB, Black - with Special Offers

This is the beast of the tablets, taking dominion year upon year over much of the tablet world. If you have Amazon Prime, it isn't just a beast, it is King Kong.  A 100% full go if you are linked with Amazon Prime and Alexa, and still a king of many jungles without, but the takeaway of an 8" display vs. some nice 10" competitors may be a reason to make a go at others as well.  Really can 't misstep here, with the options, colors, support, and battery life, etc. here.

≈ 89

NPOLE   8 Inch 3G Phone Tablet Android 5.1 Quad Core 16GB Screen 1280x800 GPS WIFI HD Video 3D Games Support 2G 3G SIM Card

With most phones coming in at 5.5 screen size or larger these days, the 7' screens on some tablets seems like hardly any more real estate. Here to get the bump up to 8" on this model and with all the features to boot, there is a whole lot going on for NPOLE to keep this so nicely under 100.  Wifi, bluetooth, micro usb, usb, solid screen resolution, dual sim card, phone capabilities, sd card storage.  All features are of a steady quality.  With the sheer amount of what it offers so completely, this is a go!

≈ 79