The Best Women’s Apparel Under 100

Lulus   Tricks of the Trade Maxi Dress

So many looks, so many styles, so many ways to present!  All the looks in the images are from the same dress, and there are many more ways to flip it and style.  When they say "tricks of the trade" dress, we are talking about Project Runway meets David Blane. Lulus has done an amazing job with making each look distinct and not gimmicky, pure style. Easy and fun to manipulate, versatile, great fabric, flowing styles, from casual to elegant;  a full go for all wardrobes.  Have so much fun with this one, or should we say- with this more than one!

                                   ≈ 78

PattyBoutik   Women's Marled Raglan Hoodie Sweater

Don't know what "Marled" is, no problem. Don't know what "Raglan" is, not a concern. Just know this is the hoodie with a look that is worthy of unadulterated love.  Comfortable and playful with great lines.  The "Marled" is a combination of two single lightly twisted yarns or threads in a unified piece.  The "Raglan" component gives the diagonal seem from underarm to collar bone, which here gives the appearance of the wider shoulders thrown back confidently, equaling an effective skinner waist perception.   

                                  ≈ 43

Julian Taylor   Women's Lace A-Line Dress with Belt

The sash/smooth ribbon belt on this piece gives just enough of  a cinched in pull to the waist  to perfectly accentuate the lace flair below. Examine the quality and the rich color this is made in.  We find the detail of the lace to be stunning, especially considering they kept it under 100.  One takeaway, 4 to 5 more colors and even a floral would make this a sure go. However, the rich blue goes well with many occasions and will play perfectly from now all the way through the fall. Shake, shimmy, and shine. A go!

                                  ≈ 59

PattyBoutik    Women's V Neck Button Ribbed Sweater

Looks absolutely great in any button up combination.  With cute coordinated front pockets that continues the long look from hip to neckline with the connecting buttons.  Form fitting, great silhouette, slimming yet curvy A superb combination for this all-star piece that has a lot of jazz behind its initial solid play.

                                  ≈ 39